Where To Buy Winning Boxing Gloves?

If you’re looking to purchase a pair of boxing gloves, then this blog post is for you. I’m going to show you the best places where you can buy your new boxing gloves and what type of glove is best for different training levels.

I’ll also tell you about some brands that make great equipment like Title Boxing Gloves, Everlast Boxing Gloves, Twins Special Boxing Gloves, or Venum Fighting Gear which are all well-known brands in the world of boxing. So if there’s one thing I want everyone who reads this blog post to know it’s that they should never compromise when it comes to their protection when they train in order to get better at their sport. And another important piece of advice I can give anyone reading this article is to make sure you buy the right type of boxing gloves for your training level as well.

The following guide will help you decide where to buy boxing gloves and what type of glove is best for different training levels as well as give you some pros and cons of buying boxing equipment from stores like eBay, Amazon, Title Boxing, or Everlast. It’s one thing to get better at a sport when you put in hard work but if don’t have the right gear then things can definitely be a lot harder than they need to be.

Winning Boxing Gloves

Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Is Winning still the best boxing gloves you can get?

Winning has been the name of boxing gloves since the early 20th century. The company has grown to be one of the top manufacturers in the world for this product. Winning is also a popular choice among professional boxers, so many think they are still worth it.

Winning – Background & Reputation

First of all, I would like to point out that the problems with Winning gloves are not in their construction. They are still stitched by hand and the leather is still top quality. The reason why they suck so much now has nothing to do with their quality – it’s because of their marketing strategy.

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Winning used to be widely considered the best boxing gloves you could get. They were hand-stitched in Japan (which is really the best place to make boxing gloves, if you ask me) and their quality was unquestionable. Many boxers still swear by them.

They changed their marketing strategy a few years ago and started using professional fighters for endorsements. Nowadays, if you see an image of Mayweather or McGregor with Winning gloves, it’s mostly because they paid a hefty sum of money to use their brand – not because they truly believe that Winning are the best boxing gloves out there. And even though some pros may like them just fine, I bet you most don’t even pay attention to the brand of their gloves… except during a fight against other fighters sponsored by rival brands!

For amateurs, Winning is still considered premium boxing gloves. But if you’re trying to make a living as a professional boxer, I’m sorry to say that they would probably not be your first choice.

What is it that makes Winning so great? It might have something to do with the reputation of their fighters. During the golden age of Japanese boxing in the late ’90s and early 2000s, most world champions were sponsored by Winning. They then actively chose the best athletes from other brands to represent them (e.g.: Erik Morales). Their gloves were made with horsehair which makes them more compact than cowhide ones but also harder. In Japan, there’s even a brand called Tokushu Regenesis that specializes in making gloves just like Winning did.


Winning might be the best brand out there but nowadays you’re unlikely to see many professional boxers with them. Also, horse hair gloves are not allowed anymore in most countries, and if they are it’s only when combined with cowhide leather (e.g.: REAL STEEL). If you’re looking for great quality boxing gloves that will last ages though, I’m afraid the times of Winning may have gone already.

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Winning was the pros & rich kid’s brand

There was no reason at all for a regular kid like me to have it. Sure, I was hardcore but not like going to tournaments every weekend. You could say I was a typical club fighter. Good enough to go rounds with everyone, skilled and durable, but not a career fighter.

And it wasn’t only the gloves that you had to get. Many fighters will get Winning’s legendary headgear as well. Super light and yet so damn protective. Some fighters will even get the headgear first. (Your brain is more important than your hands!) Anyway, it’s all on you and what you can afford.

I don’t get people saying they can’t afford $400 headgear or $400 gloves when I see them walking around in $300 Air Jordans and with a $600 iPhone in their hand.

Winning Gloves Performance review

Quality & Craftsmanship:

Distinct Winning cuff with the thin & thick wrist padding.
Look at the incredible leather, with its rich buttery texture
Ultra-comfortable curved thumb. Also the rich leather wrinkles.
Perfect stitching and craftsmanship.
Super smooth inside lining.


I hear people trying to compare other leather, like Mexican boxing gloves, to Winning and they need to stop that crap. Winning is easily so much nicer and classier. When it arrives, it’s got a beautiful rich buttery texture and with a leather conditioner on it to keep it soft and supple.

Winning is probably the best leather for boxing gloves. The only other one that I think is even better is probably Di Nardo of Italy (those cost $1k/pair). But Winning definitely has the edge in the “mass-produced” world.


Winning stitching is perfect. Honestly, it’s just Japanese culture. They’re absolute perfectionists and their gloves are no different. The stitching is perfect everywhere like it was done by a machine. The ends are very cutely tucked in and finish. I don’t know how else to explain it but to say they are finished in a very “cute” manner.

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We already know the legends about Winning’s unparalleled padding. So many brands have attempted to copy it over the past decades. A super-soft cushion that protects your knuckles through its big pillowy padding. So protective in fact that some fighters even complain that it’s TOO SOFT and feels too much like you’re punching into pillows.


Smooth lining makes it so much easier to put your gloves on and off. Rougher lining snags your hand wraps more, creating annoying friction that requires you to loosen up your glove laces more. When putting on the gloves, rough lining will pull your hand wraps out of place. When taking off the gloves, rough lining can trap your hand inside more easily. Life is so much easier with smooth lining. And of course, Winning’s lining is breathable and high quality, also prevents sweat from penetrating.I also like that the lining is carefully stitched to the inside of the glove.

Performance and Durability


What else do you expect from the most copied padding on earth? It’s GREAT! Unrivaled super soft and plush protection. Feels like you’re punching clouds. My knuckles feel great. My wrists feel great.


Winning’s comfort is another one of those unrivaled qualities.


These are high quality gloves. Made to last. Made for professional use. No toy junk. No gimmicky marketing. It’s what pros all over the world use. They don’t need to convince you of anything. The gloves speak for themselves. Winning is one of the most trusted brands in boxing. Very unpretentious.

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