Where to Buy Grant Boxing Gloves?

Boxing, a sport dating back to the Ancient Olympic Games, has seen an increase in popularity in recent years. With the rise of mixed martial arts as a competitive sport, there are now more and more practitioners learning about boxing as it applies to MMA. However, one thing that seems uniformly true with newcomers is they know how important protective equipment can be. Without good protection for your hands, you’ll have trouble developing techniques because you won’t be able to throw punches correctly or effectively.

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While all boxers should wear hand wrap gloves, you might also want to consider buying some grant boxing gloves. These offer another layer of padding and protection on top of hand wraps which creates better cushioning against physical impact. They are designed for additional safety when punching to protect against potential injury.

how to Buy Grant Boxing Gloves? any idea

Don’t get too excited though; as the name suggests these gloves are best suited for sparring and fighting with a partner rather than self-defense, fitness, or exercise applications. While they can still be used effectively in that fashion it is not what they were specifically designed for so you should be aware of this before buying one.

Additionally, if you do use them for side work you might want to purchase different kinds as well because these offer extra protection from shock due to their larger size (which makes sense because of the bigger surface area).

You may also want to consider something else if you plan on training frequently enough: new grant boxing gloves. rid of old equipment periodically helps prevent bacterial growth and reduces the risk of getting sick. It is also considered a more hygienic solution than buying new gloves that are already used by someone else.

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The only problem with the second option is that you might want to buy these used or on sale as well because they are quite expensive if bought new.

The gloves make boxing possible and many boxers train and fight with their favorite brand of boxing gloves. There are many manufacturers that produce boxing gloves, in addition to balanced levels among the key elements in a glove (padding, weight, size), there are many other criteria by which to choose your pair of gloves.

By breaking down these choices, one can narrow down his/her search for buying grant boxing gloves according to personal preferences.

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Grant Boxing Gloves Original Punching Hand Made 16 oz

We have picked the following as our top choice of Grant Boxing Gloves because it is more affordable and still meets high standards of quality set by Grant itself. The price range varies from $88-$119, which is a steal considering the quality of Grant gloves. I chose this $99 pair of gloves because it’s a medium-sized glove that isn’t too bulky nor too light.


The inner lining consists of high-quality synthetic leather that makes them comfortable to wear for long periods at a time and prevents your hands from getting sweaty while you train. The hand compartment is wide enough to fit any size hands and allows ease when making tight fists and sparring with other partners, as well as keeping your hands cool in the ring/cage while fighting or training intensely.

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They’re great for bag work and mitts practice as well because they’re 16 oz which means there’s more force dispersed in the bag than a lighter 12 oz glove. The padding is great, not too hard nor too soft, and protects your hand from impact during training sessions or fights. Even though these gloves are professional standard boxing gloves they’re very reasonably priced which makes them easier to purchase on a budget compared to some higher-end “professional” brands.


These 16 oz gloves are of average weight so there’s not much force dispersed throughout the bag when you punch it but it still gives enough protection to keep you safe while sparring with other partners or training for competitions.

The only downside I see is that they seem to be on the low-end in regards to price so there’s a chance that they may not last as long as a higher-end brand like Cleto Reyes would (which is extremely durable) but I have been using my pair for over a year and they’ve held up very well even with the increased force on the bag, so I don’t know how long these will last.


These gloves are open-ended, meaning they’re not a hook and loop closure style like velcro or lace-up style. This means that you can’t tighten the glove to your preferred fit without some assistance from your training partner or coach.

There is some room for error though because it comes with an elastic band attached by two D-rings which allows you to make minor adjustments while wearing them which minimizes movement once they’re tied tight enough (which can be difficult since you’ll most likely be doing this by yourself)

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I like the option of having open-ended gloves because you can make minor adjustments to how tight they are while you’re wearing them. This is nice when you don’t have anyone to help tighten the glove for you, and it’s not a big deal if someone accidentally loosens the glove (which inevitably happens in every sparring session).

The palm side features an extra layer of leather padding that runs from just above your wrist all the way down into the fingers making it easier to use for added protection when blocking punches. This is an added benefit because most training gloves only have padding on top and leave exposed areas vulnerable such as from where your hands bend at your wrist to where your fingers join your hand.

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