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MMA Gloves Or Boxing Gloves For Punching Bag

Yes, MMA gloves can be used on punching bags. For some people, however, it may feel strange. It’s all about personal preference – do you use boxing gloves or MMA gloves? Both types of gloves have their merits and they are both pretty similar, so the decision comes down to your personal preferences.

MMA Gloves Or Boxing Gloves, Which is Best?

Everlast MMA Kick Gloves
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Everlast MMA Kick Gloves
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Some guys prefer to use MMA gloves for punching bags because they feel that it’s more versatile since punches can be thrown with greater force than what is possible with modern boxing gloves (which tend to reduce hand power). Other people like using boxing gloves on punching bags because it feels more comfortable and familiar. It is not much wrong with using either one but you should consider whether your training actually requires you to wear different kinds of gloves.

One thing to consider is that boxing gloves are generally designed for training on a punching bag, they cover the wrist and have significantly less padding than most MMA gloves. Boxing gloves also have less padding in the knuckles since most training punches don’t require as much power as punches thrown by boxers. While this might sound desirable, it can actually be bad because an impact with a solid surface may cause the bones of your fist to fracture under the inadequate amount of padding offered by the boxing glove’s thin knuckle protection.

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Another thing worth considering is that boxing gloves tend to accumulate sweat faster than MMA Gloves so you lose some grip strength after a couple of rounds of heavy bag work since you will need those calluses on your hand now more than ever. Most of these gloves will come with an attached thumb which is something that you don’t see in MMA Gloves. Having your fingers attached to the rest of your hand makes it easier for you to catch a kick or wrist lock when sparring.

Another positive aspect is the weight. More specifically, lighter mma training gloves for punching bag tend to be better at reducing shockwave impact – since less tend to be better at reducing shockwave impact – since less weight means less force when you hit something. So if you’re after gloves for fitness training, specifically to avoid injuries, go for light gloves!

On the other hand, heavier gloves will protect your hands and joints a bit more. The downside is that they’ll tire you out more quickly – so if you’re using them for powerlifting or bag work, remember this!

Muay Thai Gloves

An alternative could be Muay Thai Gloves designed specifically for punching bags are generally pretty comfortable for training, have better padding on the knuckles, allow enough airflow so they don’t get completely soaked in sweat after just a couple of rounds, and best of all, they have independent thumbs. On the downside, not all models actually have this feature so pay close attention before buying them since if you want double-stitched gloves then most likely they won’t have independent thumbs.

Nylon Gloves

While nylon bag gloves can be used either for sparring or for hitting the bag, leather gloves are definitely better suited to heavy bag work. They are more durable since their primary function is not to protect your opponent but to carry you through tough workouts with little risk of tearing up.

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Bag Gloves

One significant advantage that bags gloves have over other types is that they can be used in almost all weather conditions and keep your hands well-protected at all times. This makes them perfect for training both in the winter and summer months when using power tools becomes a real hassle because of the cold outside.

Moreover, having an independent thumb will allow you to make a proper fist inside the glove without any hindrance whatsoever which might potentially reduce damage to your wrist in case you miss while throwing punches during long combos.

If you want to be more cost-efficient and save in the long run, consider upgrading your boxing gloves for bags by investing in a pair of bag gloves. They are specifically designed to take all the punishment that must be dealt during fights or training sessions, so they are tough enough to withstand even your most powerful punches.

However, due to being natural products made from organic materials, bag gloves tend to smell bad after some time which usually makes it necessary for you to wash them every now and then.

Bag gloves are heavily padded with foam which can come in different types depending on your personal needs. For example, softer foams provide better comfort but limit wrist protection while harder ones allow for proper punching technique but might cause strains over time.

Weight And Durability Of Bag Gloves

Different types of bag gloves are ideal for different types of workouts. For example, many heavy bag workouts require using heavier boxing gloves which can provide better protection during joint / bone impacts, while speedball workouts might require lighter MMA training gloves that won’t slow you down. Please note that even if some people claim they can use MMA training gear on punching bags with no problems, this is not recommended by the majority of manufacturers because the padding used in these products was designed for humans with hands/fists instead of hard surfaces like bags.

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As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when buying bag boxing gloves (heavier weight, more bulky appearance) or MMA training ones (lighter weight, more compact) – but there are also other properties that might come in handy when buying mma gloves for punching bag.


An important aspect is the padding thickness. Many people are inclined to think that thicker gloves mean more protection – but it’s not like if you buy a pair with, lets say 4cm of padding you’ll be bonafide with them on.

There may appear some sort of discomfort and this means they protect less than, let’s say 3cm (measured from the surface of the gloves). So there is no point in buying thickly padded mma bag gloves only to feel pain because you’re hitting too hard; most likely they won’t provide you any protection either!


Overall, it really depends on what you want from your gloves. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend light gloves so you can focus on your technique without getting injured. As you progress, however, you may want to switch to heavier gloves to increase the resistance and build up more power. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice your form and technique in the process!


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