How to Wrap Hands For Boxing? Complete Guide

Boxing is an engaging and fun sport when done correctly. However, any sport can prove fatal if done without precautions. Hands are the primary components used while boxing. An aggressive movement of hands is required while in combat, so hands should never be left exposed.

How To Wrap Hands For Boxing

Hands wraps are the way to go if you plan on doing training, sparring, or move towards the ring to overthrow the opponent. You have to envelop these boxing wrist wraps around your knuckle, wrists, and hands to prevent injury.

Why you should wrap your hands for boxing :

Our hands are delicate and precious. If you take a look at them biologically, they have little bones and tiny joints in them. These tiny bones and joints are what make our hands so sensitive—taking a look at this scientifically, a total of 27 versatile bones. These bones work in unison to help your hands carry out what you want.

The wrist is what angles our punches. Newbies, and sometimes even pro boxers, can land a poorly angled punch. An awkwardly angled punch can put a considerable amount of strain on your wrists. This strain bends our wrists and can result in a permanent wrist injury. Boxing wraps help in maintaining the correct posture, preventing bending of wrists.

Our knuckles hit the opponent first when landing a blow. Wearing hand wraps prevent micro fractures, which can lead to severe injuries in the long run. Also, the amount of pain you usually face while boxing barehandedly is reduced to a large extent.

Later in this article, I have talked about how to put on hand wraps, wrap wrists, and other common queries beginners usually have.

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What to look for in a boxing wrap :

There is a variety of hand wraps available out there to choose from. Children, men, women all have unique hands, having different sizes, shapes, and preferences. The kind of boxing hand wraps you choose depends on whether you want a more massive blow or better protection. Go for tight wraps if you have small hands or flexible ones if you have a big pair.

The factors mentioned above would help you decide which hand wrap to go purchase. I have listed down clear instructions on you how to wrap hands for boxing below! The most common question, how to wrap your hands for MMA, is also answered below in this article.

Wrapping hands for boxing :

Wrapping hands for boxing is a reasonably straightforward process. Roll the wrap tightly, but not too tight that it interferes with the blood circulation or leaves marks on your skin. Avoid wrinkle buildup, as it may prove uncomfortable and can result in an incorrect posture. Keep your hands straight before putting on a hand wrap.

  • Spread out your fingers, and keep your hands straight and flat.
  • Put your thumb through the given hole at the hand wraps end. Be wary of putting the wrap upside down! Boxing wraps usually have a tag telling which side should face down.
  • Envelop the handwrap around your wrists up to 3-5 times, depending on how tight you prefer it. Make sure the wrap overlaps itself at all times.
  • Pull the wrap over the area beside your thumb and across your palm on the other side. Repeat this three to four times, ending inside your hand near your thumb.
  • Wrap your wrist once again, ending near the thumb. Envelop the wrap starting from the thumbs bottom to the top, and then back to the bottom. Once again, wrap your wrist.
  • From the inside, wind the wrap over the hand’s top, between the little pinky and ring finger.
  • Repeat this procedure between the middle and the ring finger.
  • Repeat for the middle and index finger, finishing this at the wrists inside.
  • Continuously wrap across the palm above your thumb until the finishes. Finish the procedure with one final wrap around the wrist.
  • Secure the boxing wrap by fastening the Velcro.
  • Repeat this procedure, on the other hand.
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Different Kinds of Boxing Wraps :

Cloth/Cotton Wraps: The majority of people use these wraps. Also called standard hand wraps, these are available everywhere. It is easy to wrap your hands using these handwraps. These are quite common; these are cheaper than other types of gloves and come in various colors. There are different lengths available, so you can get one that fits your needs.

Inner Gloves: These are the typical finger gloves you must have seen on television. If you are aiming for casual or light boxing, these can be the best option for you. However, be wary that these do not offer excellent protection. Padding also lacks in these, so do not expect your hands to be fully protected.

Tape and Gauze: These gloves are used in competitions. There is a restriction on how much Tape and Gauze you can use. The advantage of these is exceptional support and an excellent level of comfort. However, you cannot put these on by yourselves. You require another person to put these on for you.

Fast Wraps: These gloves are relatively new in the market. If you are searching for something simpler than tape and gauze wraps, then these are the ones for you. These gloves have excellent support and protection. However, you have to stretch them out before using them.

Conclusion :

Boxing is a healthy sport if done correctly. Hand wraps for boxing are essential if you want to enjoy this sport to the fullest, without sustaining any injury. After reading this article, we hope that you have gotten a clear idea of how to wrap a wrist. This blog has also answered, “how to wrap boxing wraps.” This sport is gaining popularity day by day, and with it, hand wraps are also getting famous. After reading this detailed guide, we can bet that you have successfully learned how to put on hand wraps in a more straightforward way.

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