How to Clean Boxing Gloves ? A Complete Guide

Best Boxing gloves are the best way to let your opponent taste the defeat in the ring but, maintaining and cleaning boxing gloves is very important.  Cleaning is so important, why? Cleaning removes bad odors, removes any infectious microorganisms, and keeps the gloves last longer to give the boxer the same strength and power all the time.

So, don’t let the bacteria play inside, don’t let the unsavory fragrance stay there and clean, wash and deodorize your boxing gloves after every use by following How to Clean boxing gloves methods Described Below.

How To Clean Boxing Gloves

How to keep the boxing gloves bad odor-free during training or boxing competition?

With the long hours of training sessions or boxing techniques competitions, your hands keep exhausting more and more, giving more sweat out. But, How to wash Boxing Gloves and how can you keep your gloves safe from smelling bad during your working times?

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Use of hand wraps:

Hand wraps are the best option to keep away all the moistures away as the hand wraps are capable of soaking up all the sweat from the hands, don’t let the bad odor regulate, and ultimately, keep the gloves bad odor-free during sessions or competitions.

  • Clean your hand wraps at least after two training sessions or competitions. Otherwise, it can stink up your gloves.

Here is the way to wear hand wraps:

Easy steps for the cleaning of boxing gloves

Overall, there are three steps summarized in this article that consists of some sub-steps too to help you in proper cleaning of the gloves to keep them safe from every damaging aspect.

PART 1: Cleaning and sanitizing the boxing gloves

The first step is the basis of the cleaning and it also consists of sub-steps to provide cleaning to a greater extent. Follow every step to have the proper cleaning of the gloves.

 1.Get the Gloves out of the bag

  • First of all, you need to get your gloves out of your bag as soon as you come back after attending the long hours of training sessions or competitions to provide the perfect airflow to the gloves.

The reason behind it that whenever you take off the gloves from the hands after use there is a sudden activity of bacteria begin inside. Bacteria feed on the sweat and begin to grow rapidly to its better way to get your gloves out of the bag immediately to let the air come inside the gloves and take away all the sweat that was being a portion of food for the growth of bacteria.

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 2.Wipeout with a soft cloth or towel

  • After taking the gloves out of the bag, you need to wrap a soft cloth or towel around your hand and wipe out every part of the glove with your hands.
  • Wipe both the gloves slowly to let the cloth absorb moisture to a higher extent.

 3.Sanitize the inside and outside of the gloves

After wiping, sanitize the inside and outside surface of the gloves by using a vinegar cleaning method.

1.By using vinegar:

  • Make a solution of half-and-half water and white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
  • Transfer the solution into the spray bottle.
  • Spray at the whole surface of inside and outside the gloves.
  • Wipe down several times using a towel or soft cloth.

2.By using tea tree oil:

  • If you want to apply more anti-bacterial action then make a solution of half-and-half water and vinegar with adding ten drops of tea tree oil.
  • Transfer to the spray bottle, wipe it out.

You have done with the sanitizing of the gloves…

  • Don’t use harsh chemicals for spraying your gloves.
  • Don’t use FEBREZE on your gloves as it can cause stiffness of the gloves.

4.Condition the gloves

Conditioning is another important sub-step of the initial cleaning.

  • Prepare conditioner at home by using lemon essential oil or buy from the market for a leather material cleaning.
  • Put some drops of the conditioner on the outside of the gloves and by using a cloth (lint-free) distribute the conditioner all over.
  • Leave it for some time to let the conditioner perform its duty and then wipe it out with a soft cloth or towel.

You have done your initial cleaning process. Now, let’s move on to the second step.

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PART 2: Drying of the boxing gloves:

Here are the details of the second step described below from which you can select your feasible method to dry your boxing gloves.

Method 1. Air-dry the gloves

After completing the initial cleaning and sanitizing of the gloves, go ahead towards the drying of the gloves to don’t let the bacteria grow and feed on moisture. Dry your gloves by following the steps and keep them bacteria-free:

  • To provide a much larger surface air to the air to go inside and come outside properly, open the wrist straps to enough to provide excellent airflow.
  • Keep the gloves at a well-ventilated place or beneath the open fan or near the open window to attract maximum air to touch the gloves.

After drying, bacteria would have no chance to start its’ bacterial activities on the gloves.

Method 2. Stuff with the newspaper

If you don’t prefer the air-drying method, use dry newspaper stuffing to follow this cleaning step too.

  • Make some loose balls of newspaper sheets.
  • Stuff the balls of the newspaper at all parts of the gloves inside.
  • Leave them for a few hours for excessive absorption of moisture.
  • After hours, get all of them.

If you see some moisture after then, repeat the process by using fresh balls of newspaper. If not, then you have done with its’ drying.

Method 3. Using a Blow Dryer

If you don’t have enough time to follow the above methods, you can simply use the blow dryer to dry the boxing gloves completely. Follow the steps!

  • Set the blow dryer on its’ cool settings.
  • Direct the nozzle of the blow dryer inside the gloves.
  • Keep drying with it to five minutes.
  • If you’ve found it completely dried, repeat the same with the other.
  • Don’t use hot settings of the blow dryer as the excessive heat can cause damage to the gloves’ material.

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PART 3:  Deodorizing the gloves:

The next and last cleaning process requires the removal of bad odors from the gloves to give your hands a better feel every next day. Follow any method given below to neutralize the unsavory fragrance:

Method 1. By using Baking Soda

There is no better option than utilizing Baking soda for the elimination of bad odors and smells from the gloves. Follow the steps:

  • Sprinkle the few pinches of baking soda powder at the inside surface of the gloves.
  • Leave the baking soda for a few hours to perform its’ work.
  • Bang out the gloves or use a skinny vacuum cleaner to remove the whole baking soda.

Method 2. By using Cedar chips

If you want to get the double bonus, like removing bad odors as well as an increment in your gloves’ life span then use the cedar chips method. Follow the steps:

  • Bring a pair of cotton socks firstly.
  • Put the cedar chips in both of them.
  • Tie your both socks loosely.
  • Put each cedar chips containing sock in each glove.

Cedar chips give the great smell to the gloves by absorbing excess moisture and stopping the bacterial activities.

Method 3. By using essential oils

The essential oils method is also very recommendable for the removal of bad odors from the gloves as they are capable of giving a pretty-good smell and are also proved best in having the best anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities. Follow the steps:

  • Add about 10 drops of any of the essential oils among (lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Orange) to the spray bottle.
  • Add about one cup of water in it to prepare a mixture.
  • Spray two to three times on each glove.

After that, you’ll not taste any bad smell for your gloves for sure and feel better enough to wear it again…

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Method 4. By using saltwater

Another good option to remove the microorganisms from the boxing gloves that create bad smells is to soak your gloves in saltwater overnight. This solution would eliminate all the bacteria from the gloves by dissolving all of them in itself and thus, give out smell-free gloves in the morning.

  • Some materials are not good to bear the action of saltwater on them and result in damage to the material. So, must find out about your boxing gloves’ material if it can be deodorized from this method or not.

Method 5. The Freezing

Another method for the killing of bacteria refers to freezing. It requires some steps to follow:

  • Place your boxing gloves in a plastic bag before placing it in a freezer.
  • Leave them in the freezer till one to two days.
  • After taking them out, air dries the gloves.

This method is effective in killing the bacteria but, not all of them. Some of the bacteria escape survive in such a cooler environment and can be active again after taking out. So, the choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Can I wash my boxing gloves in the washing machine?

ANS: No! It is not recommended to wash the gloves in the washing machine as it can destroy the leather of the gloves and consequently, can reduce the gloves’ life span too.

Q2. How long can I put my gloves in the sunlight?

ANS: Must take care to not put the gloves in the sunlight for more than 20 to 30 minutes for drying as the direct contact of sunlight on the gloves’ leather can result in a big damage to its’ leather, which can reduce the life span and can fade it too earlier.

Q3. Should I need to clean my gloves every day?

ANS: Yes if you can! If you want your gloves to deliver you in the same way till its’ life span then try to clean it every day by following the given methods above.

Wrapping up:

If you want to keep your boxing gloves clean and safe from bacterial or fungal activities that can cause skin problems then must take care of following the methods of cleaning, drying, and deodorizing of the boxing gloves. Must take care of the precautions to be safe from any loss to boxing gloves construction or performance efficiency. We hope that our post can be proved helpful For You In giving the information about how to Clean Boxing Gloves. Keep visiting our site to get almost every piece of information related to boxing gloves cheapest and try to clean your boxing gloves every day to get a proper delivery of punches every time.

Clean gloves throw better punches!

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