How Much Does Boxing Gloves Cost?

Before you buy boxing gloves, you must have general questions like How Much Does Boxing Gloves Cost? and the price to get your first boxing gloves. We gather the information.

Boxing gloves are a crucial part of any boxer’s gear. They protect the hands from injury and cushion the blow on impact. Boxing gloves come in different weights, sizes, colors, and materials. The weight of boxing gloves is measured in ounces with 12-ounce being the lightest weight and 16-ounce being heaviest.

The most popular size for men is 10″ long by 8″ wide while women typically wear 9″ long by 7 3/4″ wide boxing gloves. With so many factors to consider when it comes to purchasing a pair of boxing gloves, there can be some questions as to how much do these cost? In this blog post, we will explore price ranges for various types of boxing glove brands as well as their features that might affect the cost.

Cost of boxing gloves - How Much Does Boxing Gloves Cost

Factors that Influence Boxing Glove Cost:

The price range for boxing gloves varies depending upon the quality, material, brand name, specialty features, etc., generally speaking, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 for a decent quality pair of gloves. The price may go up, however, if you happen to have wide hands and would need customized gloves. If the boxing gloves are intended for sparring then they often come with extra padding; this will affect the price too since this type of padding is thicker than that found in regular boxing gloves.

Freestanding Muay Thai kickboxing boxing gloves with wrist support:

$14.95 & free shipping (US)

$49.99  (Canada)


Different brands of boxing gloves have different prices. Top-tier, professional, and semi-professional boxers use Winning brand or Grant glove because they are the highest quality available on the market today. The reason why these top-tier companies charge so much is that their products cost more to manufacture than other brands such as Title Boxing Club and Everlast which makes them less expensive for consumers but lower in quality compared with higher-end models like Cleto Reyes.

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If you are looking for great value and solid gloves to start out with, I recommend mid-tier boxing gloves such as Hayabusa, Ringside, or Title Boxing Gloves. These brands create affordable yet reliable options that will last beginners through the early stages of training. While it’s true that professional boxers won’t compete in these $100 pair of mitts; they’re still an incredibly safe option for amateurs and beginner fighters learning appropriate form & technique during practice sessions.

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Boxing gloves vary in material from vinyl and synthetic leather to genuine leather. The durability of the glove is directly related to its price point, with better materials yielding higher prices. Cheap boxing gloves are made of inexpensive, low-quality materials such as vinyl or synthetic leather that will not last nearly as long compared to those constructed out of real/genuine leather (leather derived from animal skin).

Genuine leather:

A new material called genuine leather is being produced. It has more ethical and environmental benefits than other materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), microfiber, or polyurethane. Genuine leather can be cleaned with solvents, conditioned, and dyed. If it’s ever damaged, genuine leather can be repaired quickly and easily.

Genuine leather is made from cowhide and has a great look and feel. leather also breathes so your feet remain cool during long days outdoors. Genuine Leather is often used in high-end boots to provide longer life with a great performance as well as beautiful looks


The idea of boxing gloves made from vinyl rather than leather is not just a new invention. It has been suggested that gladiators wore gloves made from calfskin, but they also used wraps over their hands and wrists which could have been made of anything.

Vinyl is an incredibly durable material, but it does not breathe like leather and therefore will probably not be able to absorb sweat compared with leather. Leather is a natural product so when it breaks down, it starts to smell less pleasant – this doesn’t happen with vinyl because it doesn’t break down at all! Chances are the vinyl would last far longer than the padding inside it before you’d need to replace them anyway.

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Synthetic Leather:

Synthetic Leather is a lower-cost material that creates faux leather gloves. They often look and feel just as good to use, but they won’t be as durable compared to boxing gloves made from real leather. Synthetic Gloves are generally at the low or mid-range of prices usually marketed towards beginners because it has odor issues if used regularly without proper cleaning like other types of materials do not have this issue with synthetic.

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How Much Does Boxing Gloves Cost?

Price range: $10-$100. Of course, boxing has evolved over the years and there are new types of gloves with different purposes which will affect the price. Here is a list of what you can get for your money.

Entry-level (training) gloves – Under $50. This price range can provide you with comfortable gloves for daily training.

Sparring gloves – Under $100. Professional boxers use this kind of gloves for their sparring sessions. They are bigger and better padded than training boxing gloves which means they are more expensive too. If you are not a professional boxer, I wouldn’t recommend spending that much on sparring gear since it is mostly used to protect your opponent’s face.

Professional gloves – Under $100. If you fight at a professional level and need to get yourself a pair of boxing gloves for real matches, then this is the range that will suit you perfectly (the main difference between sparring and professional boxing gear is how much padding the actual glove has).

MMA Gloves – Under $50-$300. MMA is the newest branch of boxing, it is very popular nowadays. Consequently, there are more types of gloves available now to support MMA training and competition. These are usually hybrids between boxing and MMA gloves designed specifically for mixed martial arts.

Heavy bag Gloves – Under $100-$300. The most expensive type of boxing glove out there comes with a price tag of $300. They are designed specifically for punching heavy bags and require more hardcore materials to protect the hands of the boxer.

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Full-grain leather – This type of material is best suited for professional boxing gloves since it gives you full protection, however, beware because the process of turning the skin into grain leather can be quite expensive.

Synthetic leather – This type of material is cheaper to make and can be found on most types of boxing gloves. It is preferred by boxers who like the feel and sensation of real leather, but don’t want to spend big bucks on boxing gear (although there are some quality synthetic leathers that cost just as much as full grain).

Brand name – The brand name of the gloves will affect their price. Some brands (like Everlast) offer entry-level gloves for cheap prices while others like Cleto Reyes, Grant, and Winning focus more on professional gear which means you’ll have to pay top dollar if you want to own a pair of these gloves.

Material – The type of material used to make the gloves will affect the price too. Here are some materials you can choose from when buying boxing gloves: full-grain leather, synthetic leather, mesh cloth, nylon, and cowhide.


When it comes to boxing gloves, you get what you pay for. Expect to spend anywhere from $20-$400 on a pair of good-quality gloves that will last more than one season. If your budget is tight, there are some decent options in the $50 range but know that they won’t be as high-quality or durable as higher-priced ones.

You can also find used pairs online at sites like eBay which could save you upfront cost and allow for more money being put into other gear purchases such as sparring equipment, speed bags, heavy bag training kits, etc. The bottom line is this – if you want to do serious work with boxing then invest in yourself by investing in top-notch equipment!

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