How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost? A Complete Guide

Boxing, like all other kinds of sports, requires a person to take all necessary safety measures which are essential to ensure the safety of the participants, whether they are just training or participating in an actual match. Boxing gloves are essential for anyone hoping to become a boxer one day or, for someone looking to buy a pair because their old ones had started to wear off, exposing their hands to injury and pain but it’s our first priority to know that how much do boxing gloves price or cost?

How much do Boxing Gloves cost ?

Gloves are the basis of boxing, as boxing requires us to simultaneously use our wrists and hands in order to skillfully take down an opponent or, to build up his skills and strength with a punching bag. If you’re somebody who wants a clear idea of how to choose the best boxing gloves at the right price, then you’ve just come to the right place. Not only you will get an idea of how to choose gloves according to your specific needs, but you will also get an idea of how price affects the quality and make of the glove. Generally speaking, boxing gloves range from around $10-$500, depending on the factors I’ve listed down below.

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Factors affecting the cost of boxing gloves:


When it comes to brands, people become all choosy and confused about which one to go with, which one provides the best quality or, which one provides the most comfort and support. The market is booming with all kinds of brands, and each one of them sells at a different cost with different qualities. Mostly, when it comes to pricing, the brand with the highest price is the most trusted and is considered to be a quality brand. If you’re looking for the big names in the industry, 90% of the professional boxers and fighters use “Cleto Reyes”, “Grant” and “Winning”, which are extremely pricey but have proven to be extraordinarily qualitative and premium, leaving all other brands behind!

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Let me give you an example of a top brand “Cleto Reyes”. This well-known brand provides gloves in a variety of colors, so you can pick the one which goes with your own taste and style. Another huge advantage of these gloves is that they’re made using 100% genuine leather, which makes them more breathable, durable, and less smelly compared to synthetic leather which does not even last a few months. Securely putting the gloves on and taking them off is another huge factor when it comes to boxing tips.

These gloves use a hook and loop closure system, which means they use a Velcro fastening system, making them much more comfortable around the wrists and reducing the time required to remove them, as compared with the traditional gloves which come with shoelace straps, making them either to tight or a little loose for our wrists and sometimes even leaving scar marks on the wrists!

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Material plays a crucial role when searching for a boxing glove. The durability, comfort, and the cost of a glove are directly proportional to the material used. A natural and genuine material would significantly raise the price point of a glove, while an artificial make will greatly reduce the cost but at the expense of durability and comfort. Cheaper gloves are generally made up of synthetic leather or vinyl while on the other hand; premium gloves are made up of pure natural leather which considerably increases the life span of these gloves.

Genuine Leather is used by all the top brands because of its unmatchable quality and resilience because who doesn’t want a glove that gives them a sense of being in complete control of their hands and wrists while boxing! Also, this type of leather is surprisingly flexible, making it a pleasure to wear. If you want your gloves to last and to provide a sense of comfort, then I would recommend you to go for real leather. All professional boxing glove weight and fighters use pure leather in their matches due to its dependability and long life.

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Coming towards synthetic leather, this kind of leather is a popular and affordable option. These gloves are made up of a generally lower-cost material. These kinds of gloves provide the same appearance and feel just as a glove made up of genuine leather would have, the only drawback of synthetic leather is that it would not last as long as pure leather due to its low toughness. However, if you are a beginner or are into casual boxing, synthetic leather would no doubt prove to be the perfect choice for you keeping in mind its low cost, premium look, and the enhanced breathability it provides, unlike pure leather which provides lower breathability.

The types of Gloves:

As boxing can be done in more than one way, it is important to know which type of gloves you should buy. Some people prefer casual boxing, like training with a punching bag, or perhaps going farther by training with a partner. It is essential that you choose a glove that is specifically built for your kind of boxing, or you could expose yourself to injury and discomfort.

Below I have listed the two gloves so you can have a comprehensive image in your mind about the kind of gloves you would require!

Bag Gloves:

These gloves are made up of firm material and are most suitable for use with a punching bag or for practicing with a mitt. As these gloves have less padding in them, you would not want to spar with them as it could lead to a broken hand or result in a fatal wrist injury. Keeping in mind that these gloves have less material in them, another advantage of these gloves is that they are very light boxing gloves, which means your punching and movement speed would be much greater than with using gloves with extra padding in them, like the sparring gloves.

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Sparring Gloves:

These types of gloves are specifically tailored for training with partners or to be used in a boxing match. Sparring gloves have a lot more padding in them as compared to bag gloves to keep the opponent less prone to injury and to keep the hand and wrist safe. A softer material is also used in these gloves, unlike punching bag gloves which are slightly harder. Size is also a factor when coming to sparring gloves as these gloves are generally bigger in size than bag gloves.

Here is the list of top 10 boxing gloves that you can use as a trainee and beginner.


When buying a pair of boxing gloves, safety and comfort should be your topmost priority as no matter how much do boxing gloves weigh the hitting power the gloves have, if they do not have an ample amount of padding for safety, you could regret this for your whole life. You can always go and buy a new pair of gloves, but once your hand is gone, it will never be the same again while on the other side, you could have your gloves repaired or bought again.

I hope all your doubts and questions about boxing gloves have been cleared now when you’ve read the whole article!

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