How Boxing Gloves Should Fit?

How Boxing Gloves Should Fit

How Boxing Gloves Should Fit? I’m sure you’ve seen countless boxing gloves, but have you ever wondered what goes into a glove fitting? There are many factors that go into the perfect fit for boxing gloves. The first thing to look at is your hand size. You want a snug fit around your fingers and enough room in the cuff to allow your wrist to rotate freely without binding or pulling on the material.

Once you have determined which glove size is appropriate for your hand, it’s time to adjust the padding inside of the glove so it fits comfortably against your knuckles and palm.

Your hands will be doing all kinds of work when they’re wrapped up in these babies so make sure they feel good!


You’ll also need to consider how tight or lose you want them to be around your wrist.

The string is a popular choice to give you this option but some fighters prefer Velcro closures to have more control over the tightness of their gloves.

Signs That Your Boxing Gloves Fit Wrong

  1. They feel tight when you first put them on. Your hands might swell a little when you box. That’s a natural result of exertion and sweating. If your boxing gloves already feel snug when you first put them on, there’s a good chance that they’ll become too constricting during your training.
  2. Your hands tingle or go numb when you box. Boxing gloves that are too tight can interfere with proper circulation in your hands and wrist. If you’re wrapping your hands properly and you’re still experiencing tingling or numbness during training, your gloves might be the wrong fit for you.
  3. Your boxing gloves slide or fall off in training. If you notice that your boxing gloves are slipping or shifting too much while you train — or if they’re at risk of falling off completely — your might have a problem with your wrist closure.
  4. Your fingers feel cramped. Or they have too much space. If your fingers feel crushed against the top of your boxing gloves, they’re not the right fit for you. But if you can’t reach the top of your boxing gloves with your fingers at all, they’re not right for you, either.
  5. You’re thinking about how your boxing gloves fit when you train. Boxing gloves are designed to support boxers while they train and compete. If you can’t focus on your training because your gloves feel uncomfortable, or because they shift on your hands and distract you, then they’re not the right gloves for you.
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How Boxing Gloves Should Fit

Signs That Your Boxing Gloves Fit Properly

  1. They stay put during training. If your boxing gloves stay where they’re supposed to when you’re boxing, that’s a good sign that your fit is right and that your wrist closures are fastened securely without being too tight.
  2. You can feel and move your hand in your glove. Within that securely and snug space, properly fitting gloves will still allow room for proper circulation and movement.
  3. Your fingers touch the top of your boxing gloves when you’re wearing them. The sweet spot for your fingers when you’re wearing your boxing gloves is sitting against the top of your glove. If your fingers are in that zone, it’s a good sign that your hands are properly supported in your gloves without being cramped.
  4. You feel comfortable and supported when you’re boxing. Or you don’t notice them at all. If all of the above are in the right place, with the right amount of tension, it should be much easier to focus on your training. Properly fitting boxing gloves in the right size should feel supportive but comfortable, which will allow you to train and compete with confidence.

How To Choose The Right Boxing Gloves Size?

Handcrafted boxing gloves have become a status symbol for many boxers and athletes alike. But more so than quality, members of the fighting community are concerned with proper fit, glove material, and durability. Though all handmade boxing gloves generally look identical on the outside, other differences can make or break your performance as an athlete.

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One major difference that separates one pair of handmade boxing gloves from another is glove weight. And while it may seem easiest to go by looks alone when choosing a suitable pair (after all, you’re going to be able to feel how they perform in a matter of minutes), most manufacturers label their gloves incorrectly. When buying online this problem is even worse because you won’t be able to try out first (without paying return shipping costs) and you won’t be able to see how the gloves look from certain angles.

How To Measure Yourself For Boxing Gloves Sizing?

A proper fit is extremely important in your boxing gear, so it’s very important that you take the time to properly measure yourself up.

The following is a step-by-step procedure that will help you measure your hand (and fingers) so that you can find the proper size boxing gloves for yourself.

Start by sitting at a table or on a flat surface with your dominant hand open and relaxed, like you would if you were going to shake someone’s hand. Make sure you’re wearing normal, everyday clothing when taking these measurements. Measure from the tip of your middle finger all the way across your palm to the base crease of where your middle finger meets your wrist (where the ruler touches in this picture).

This measurement should be in inches. Write down this number. If it measures between 2 inches and 2 3/8, rounds up to the nearest half (this means a 2 1/4 inch hand should round up to 2 5/8). If it measures between 2 3/8 and 2 7/8, rounds up to the nearest whole number (a 2 3/4 hand should round up to 3 inches).

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If you don’t have access to a ruler, use a tape measure or string. Hold one end of the tape measure on your middle finger’s first knuckle. Wrap the string around your palm and make sure that it meets where your middle finger and wrist meet (where the arrow points in this picture). Mark with a pen where you’ve wrapped the string.

Then lay out the string against a ruler or flat edge. Measure how long this piece of string is in inches. Round up to the nearest 1/4 inch and use that as your glove size.

I hope you fight the answer to how boxing gloves should fit.

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