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Grant Boxing Gloves Vs Cleto Reyes

Boxing gloves are worn by boxers to protect their hands and cushion the blow when they punch. There are many different brands of boxing gloves, but some stand out more than others. Two of these brands are Grant Boxing Gloves vs Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves.

Both have good qualities that make them popular with professional boxers, but there is one brand that comes out on top for this comparison article. Read on to find out which glove reigns supreme!
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Grant Boxing Gloves Vs Cleto Reyes:

Two of the most popular boxing gloves on the market today are Grant Boxing Gloves and Cleto Reyes. Both brands claim to be the best, but which one really is? In this article, we will compare these two popular boxing glove brands in terms of quality, durability, fit, and comfortability. We’ll also discuss their price point so that you can decide for yourself which one is a better buy!

Product No 1
Cleto Reyes
Product No 2
Grant boxing Gloves
Cleto Reyes
Grant boxing Gloves
Sturdy leather
12 oz,14 oz,16 oz
8 oz,10 oz ,12 oz ,16 oz
Glove Type
less protective
Provides great fists and knuckles
Light and Great
Wrist support
Wrist support
comfortable & Great
Punching Power
Punching Power
Very Good

What are the differences between Grant Boxing Gloves and Cleto Reyes boxing gloves?

First of all, the Grant gloves are made with real leather and look fancier than Reyes gloves. They both have 16 oz weight and similar features to other boxing gloves. Each glove is $100.

The Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves were designed by Cleto Reyes Sr., a professional boxer from Cuba who created the first model of the aforementioned brand, designing them for speed and comfort in his hands when fighting. These small details make these gloves unique when they are compared to others on the market today. The leather used for this manufacturing process is very soft, making it easier for hand movement within each glove while being hit or hitting another person.. For only one hundred dollars per pair.. you get all that along with an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue, allowing more power to be transferred with each punch landed.

Which one is better for training, sparring, or fighting?

cleto reyes boxing gloves

Adidas boxing gloves are better for training purposes due to the soft material that is used. This allows for more movement within the glove, allowing you to practice punches without the worry of injury or hand fatigue. They are not good for fighting because they will not be as protective as other gloves on this list, leaving your hands vulnerable to certain hits (punches and kicks).

This product also has a smaller price tag than the others at only eighty dollars per pair.. making them great for people with a lower budget or who want something they can use for daily training sessions in their garage, basement, or even outside.

This Adidas model is specially designed with an ergonomic design featuring raised padded wrist support and hook-and-loop closure systems. It also has a breathable mesh that allows hands to breathe while being worn. The classic Adidas logo is featured on two of the four color options available for this model, making it great for people who want to show off their favorite brand.

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How do you know which size to purchase – what’s the difference in weight between 16 oz and 18 oz gloves for example?

All available models are in the same weight range, which is 12 oz to 20 oz. The higher the number, the more padding there is and therefore the heavier the glove will be. For example, an 18 oz glove will weigh significantly more than a 16 oz glove.

Light weight punching Gloves

If you plan to use your gloves only for hitting bags or pads, consider purchasing a lighter model to avoid hand fatigue after long training sessions. Some users choose to alternate between multiple pairs of gloves so they can go longer without having tired hands from a heavy pair of gloves.

Why should I get a pair of high-quality leather boxing gloves instead of cheaper ones made with synthetic materials like vinyl or nylon?

Higher quality leather gloves are durable and will last longer than cheaper models. Leather gloves are also more comfortable because they have significantly more padding to protect your knuckles. Although vinyl or nylon materials are less expensive, the low cost of these gloves does not reflect their poor performance in most areas.

Vinyl gloves can be slippery when sweaty, especially if there is oil on the hands, which could result in a hand slip during an important fight. Nylon gives reduced support because it has less flexibility, making it difficult for some people to use them effectively. If you plan to compete or spar often, then investing in high-quality leather boxing gloves will be beneficial over time.

Who would benefit most from these boxing gloves?

Amateurs who want to train more often, professionals who need top-quality equipment, or both? Both amateurs and professionals alike can benefit from using Adidas boxing gloves. Professionals may need more support over time if they plan to compete or spar frequently, whereas amateurs will appreciate the overall flexibility and comfort.

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What are some of the benefits of using these types of gloves over others?

Adidas boxing gloves feature both the X-traffic technology and Powerstroke Technology. The X-traffic technology will help keep your hand cool, dry, and comfortable during your workout. It also features a palm grip that helps you maintain maximum control over your punches. Additionally, if you plan to spar or compete often, you’ll appreciate the high-quality leather construction.


The Grant boxing gloves are a great option for those looking to get into the sport of boxing. These gloves offer an affordable price, good protection, and durability without sacrificing quality. They come with extra padding on the palm side which will prevent your hands from getting tired during long workouts or fights. For those who want more durable gloves that can take a beating, Cleto Reyes might be a better option as they have been known to last up to 5 years in some cases!

The Grant boxing gloves and Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves are both high quality. However, the biggest difference is in their price tag. With a few hundred dollars more for the Cleto Reyes gloves, you get durability and longevity that will last years longer than the Grants which would need to be replaced after six months or so of use. If you’re not sure which brand to go with, we recommend considering your budget as well as how long you plan on using them before deciding between these two brands in particular.

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