Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Good?

In the past, Boxing has become a very popular and athletic sport for people. Boxing gloves tend to last about 8 months if used every day. Boxing is also a very expensive sport so most people lookout for deals on boxing gear such as apparel and shoes to cut costs on this sport. Boxing is one of those sports that require specific equipment in order to uphold safety standards as well as performance standards for the best experience during training or competition.

Boxing Gloves vs Other Gloves

Most boxing gloves are made from synthetic leather however there are some companies that have started using real leather. The reason for this is because real leather tends to break down faster than fake leather causing boxers with developed calluses around their knuckles Boxing Sponsorship to have to get rid of them and therefore start from scratch which leads to wasted time. Boxing rings are typically made from wood due to the fact that it is harder than most materials and lasts longer as well.

Boxing Sponsorship

Adidas sponsored the AIBA World Championships in Hamburg, Germany. The best boxers across the globe went head to head for that prestigious title over 9 days. Adidas sponsors professional athletes like Arthur Abraham – multiple-time former world champion in two weight classes and Kell Brook – former IBF welterweight champion as well as Chris Algieri – American boxer and undefeated kickboxer too!


Adidas is well known worldwide and it’s not difficult to find their products, but they are, however, better known in Europe than in the US. You can find their boxing equipment, including boxing gloves in local stores (mostly in Europe), on Amazon, or through Title Boxing Shop.


You can find Adidas boxing gloves in the range of $40 to $500. That being said, you need to be very careful picking your gloves – do some research on models before you buy!

Top 10 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves

Here is a compilation of the best Adidas Boxing Gloves to help you pick a pair that suits you best. For each pair of gloves, we will talk about quality, durability, comfort, and available colors/sizes (not in that order).

Adidas Hybrid 200

Adidas Hybrid 300

AIBA Boxing

Adidas Speed 175


Leather GlovesLeather GlovesLeather GlovesLeather GlovesLeather Gloves
All types of trainingAll types of trainingCompetitionHeavy BagHeavy Bag & Training

Hybrid 100

Adidas Hi-Tek Pro

Adidas Box-Fit

Adidas Speedex

PU (artificial leather)PU (artificial leather)PU (artificial leather)PU (artificial leather)
Easy TrainingTrainingTrainingEasy Training


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